Countertop Water Flossers

Best Water Flossers For: More pressure settings to customize cleaning power, larger water reservoirs, and advanced features.

Types and Sizes of Countertop Water Flossers

Countertop water flossers offer a range of sizes and features.

  • Countertop water flossers provide the most pressure settings, largest water reservoirs, and advanced features
  • Small countertop water flossers include a balance of features in an even more compact size

Explore the important features of countertop water flossers below, or browse Waterpik® countertop models.

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Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser in Black

Advanced Countertop Water Flossers - Important Features

Large Capacity Water Reservoir

  • The water reservoir provides 90+ seconds of water flossing time.
  • Several countertop reservoirs include a lid.

Water Pressure Settings

  • To control flossing power for a custom clean, advanced countertop models offer 6 or 10 water pressure levels, depending on the model.
  • Pressure ranges from .68 to 6.2 or .68 to 6.89 Bar.

Water On/Off or Pause on Handle

  • In addition to a power switch, several models provide a convenient water control on the flosser handle.
  • Either push a button to pause the water flow or slide an on/off switch.

Extra Whitening

  • All Waterpik® Water Flossers help brighten your teeth by removing plaque and food residue.
  • The Waterpik® Whitening Water Flosser adds precision teeth whitening while you floss.
  • The Waterpik® Whitening Water Flosser mixes a gentle whitening agent with water to remove stains between the teeth and in hard-to-reach places.

Countertop Water Flosser Quick Comparison

See product detail pages for full specifications
Learn more about the Ultra Professional Water Flosser Learn more about the Ultra Water Flosser Learn more about the Whitening Water Flosser
Ultra Professional (WP-660) Ultra (WP-120) Whitening (WF-06)
Reservoir 22 ounce (650 ml), 90+ seconds 22 ounce (650 ml), 90+ seconds 22 ounce (650 ml), 90+ seconds
Water Control on Handle On/off switch Pause button On/off switch
Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode & LED Mode Indicators
Number of Pressure Settings 10 10 10
Extra Whitening
Voltage Global 230-240VAC, 50Hz 230-240VAC, 50Hz